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Title: How to Prevent users from copying files to usb..?
ID: /2016/08/29/How-to-Prevent-users-from-copying-files-to-usb/How-to-Prevent-users-from-copying-files-to-usb.._
Created: August 29, 2016    Edited:  April 13, 2017
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The solution is to blacklist the USB storage driver. Users will not be able to read or write files through USB sticks. This not only protects your corporate information from theft but also reduces chances of viruses entering your system.

There isn’t a single parameter for blacklisting USB storage because it can vary between kernel versions.

A good write up is on AskUbuntu: how-do-i-disable-usb-storage This Q&A covers Ubuntu 12.04 through 16.04. It covers different blacklisting methods and different USB storage driver names.

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