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Tim-ta Alarm Clock Image
Move mouse here for alarm simulation

Tim-ta (Timed Tasks) App - Run Set of Alarms Consecutively

Tim-ta runs in your browser. There are no programs to install!

Move mouse over clock to see how it shakes when alarm sounds.
⟵ Click on the clock to open Tim-ta app.


Tim-ta (Timed - tasks) is perfect for projects with a fixed set of tasks that take a specific amount of time. It gets the job done with each task started at the exact second!

Sample projects

Some examples where you can use Tim-ta:

Run self-documenting app.    View 🔗 GitHub source code.

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TCM transparent button.gif
Hyperlink Recipe Baker Example

HRB runs in your browser! - No programs to install or configure.

Just click a few buttons to paste clipboard contents into the Hyperlink Recipe Baker, or HRB for short, ingredient fields.

Then select one of the “Bake” options for a Hyperlink in HTML or Markdown format. The “baked recipe” is put into your clipboard.

Then switch to your document and paste the clipboard contents with Ctrl + V.

Each time you use it, HRB saves you from googling the hyperlink syntax, typing text and confused head scratching.

Run self-documenting app.    View 🔗 GitHub source code

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TCM transparent button.gif
The Cookie Machine Buttons

The Cookie Machine, commonly abbreviated as TCM, is accessed using a transparent button at the top of every Pippim web page.

TCM is new technology that repurposes “Cookies”. Cookies were historically used to track your activity on the the internet. With TCM they are now tools you can use to save, share and quickly import configurations from other browsers and other devices.

Development began on February 25, 2022 and should take about six months to complete.

Run self-documenting app.    View 🔗 GitHub source code.

TV Remote Turns Off Five “Things”

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volume change.gif
Notification when TV volume is changed

Control your TVs and the smart plug lights behind your TVs with the “Internet of Things” (IoT). As the video shows, when your TV remote control volume is adjusted a notification shows up on your computer screen.

When TV remote power button is used, two TVs turn off, the lights behind two TVs are turned off and your laptop is put to sleep. Five devices turned off with one TV remote button!

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Convert Stack Exchange Posts to Your Own Website

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The Pippim Website’s Answers page was created automatically by converting Stack Exchange Posts to GitHub Pages Jekyll Posts. That includes the Top Ten Answers and the Posts by Tag nested accordion with 1,164  posts. The site search engine is generated at the same time.

The website conversion programs can be downloaded from the GitHub source code 🔗

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Multi-Timer - Run Set of Alarms Consecutively

Multi-Timer Progress Bars.gif
Multi-Timer Application Indicator and Progress Bars

Do you have a job with a fixed set of tasks and, each task always takes the same amount of time?

Then Multi-Timer will help you get the job done with no wasted time!

Multi-Timer program can be run using mt from the command line or a Desktop Shortcut that calls mt.

The Multi-Timer program (mt) can be downloaded from the Pippim Multi-Timer Repository 🔗

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Music Player with CD encoding, lyrics scraping and synchronization

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mserve small demo

This short .gif video clip, with no sound, shows one third of the main mserve music player window.

You can download and modify the source code to your own tastes.

Features like encoding CDs using automatic internet lookup for album tracks, artwork and song lyrics make mserve a “do everything” Music Player.

From your local PC you can access music stored on your File Server or Cell Phone and play it locally without transferring all the songs. SSH is used to mount the remote drives as local partitions.

NOTE: This program is still under development and may require extra steps to install any missing python module dependencies.

Some dependency examples are: tk, ttkwidgets, pil, ffmpeg, libdiscid, musicbrainzngs, requests, magic, mutagen and beautifulsoup.

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Other Pippim programs