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A sample project for doing Laundry appears when you have no projects defined. After adding your own project(s), you can delete the sample project.


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Table of Contents

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Upload Custom Sound Files

Selected Sounds in Memory

Upload sound files with the file dialog ("Select some files") or by dragging and dropping files onto the dashed region

Remove files
Upload files

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Custom Sound Files (Uploaded)

Below are custom sound files that have been uploaded. If no custom sounds have been uploaded, then you will only see a solid line.


The Firefox Web Browser limits localStorage to 5MB. This doesn’t allow for many custom sound files. The other web browsers have a larger quota. To increase quota in Firefox, follow these steps:

Enter “about:config” in the address bar -> search for “” -> edit value and enter larger value (e.g. 25120) (default is 5120).


Firefox doesn’t support .wav files very well. It is recommended you convert them to .mp3 or similar format before uploading.

ffmpeg -i track01.wav -acodec mp3 track01.mp3

Or use an free online conversion service.

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Stock Sound Files

The following sound files are always available direct from the Pippim Website.

These are Tim-ta stock sound files you can use when a timer task ends:

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Download Tim-ta Configuration

Download your TIm-ta Configuration from your browser’s Local Storage. You can send the download to another device or browser. You can attach the file to an email message to yourself to serve as a backup.

Upload Tim-ta Configuration

Upload TIm-ta Configuration to Local Storage. New Projects and new Tasks will be added. Existing Projects and Tasks will be updated.

Projects and Tasks are never be deleted.

Imported Sound filenames are ignored because they may not exist.

Selected Configuration in Memory

Upload Tim-ta JSON files with the file dialog ("Select some files") or by dragging and dropping files onto the dashed region

Remove files
Upload files

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Tim-ta Under Construction.png
Tim-ta Under Construction.png

Work In Progress

Tim-ta development started April 11, 2022. A budget of two months has been given to this project.

Initially all the features in Multi-Timer will be provided. After that, new features will be added.

NOTE: Some Multi-timer features such as locking the screen cannot be done from a web browser.

Tim-ta Version 1.1

September 16, 2022 Update

September 24, 2022 Update

October 10, 2022 Update

October 16, 2022 Update

Tim-ta Version 1.0 Development History

May 8, 2022 Update

May 14, 2022 Update

May 27, 2022 Update

May 31, 2022 Update

June 12, 2022 Update

June 25, 2022 Update

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Tim-ta Alarm Clock Image
Move mouse here for alarm simulation


Tim-ta (Timed-tasks) gives a countdown timer where each task is always a predetermined amount of time. For example, when doing the laundry it might be:

15 minutes and 30 seconds for the wash cycle

13 minutes and 15 seconds for the rinse cycle

58 minutes for the dryer

With Tim-ta you arrive at the washer and dryer the exact second you need to be there. You’ll Never miss the rinse cycle fabric softener to eliminate static cling. You’ll never have wrinkled clothes from being left overnight in the dryer.

There are other examples where you can use Tim-ta:

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Tim-ta Buttons

These are the buttons used in Tim-ta.

  Listen to sound file.

  Stop listening to sound file.

  In the footer, edit configuration settings. On detail line for small screen, open more buttons control box.

+  Add a new project or a new task.

  Go back one screen or cancel operation.

  Display list of projects or list of tasks.

  Edit a Project or Task.

🗑  Delete a Project or Task.

  Run Project’s Timed Tasks.

Δ  Override currently running Task’s time remaining.

  Move a Project or Task up in list.

  Move a Project or Task down in list.

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Timer Countdown Override Buttons

While a Task Timer is counting down, you can click on the progress bar and the task timer override box appears. You can also click the Delta (“Δ” Override) button and the currently running progress bar is automatically selected.

Open task override.gif

  Restart Task timer.

  Rewind Task timer 10 seconds.

  If playing, then pause. If paused, then play.

+  Fast forward Task timer 10 seconds.

  Go to Task timer end.

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Tim-ta Configuration Kept in Local Storage

A single file called ttaConfig is used to store Tim-ta information for Configuration settings, Projects and Tasks. You should back this file up. See Download section. The backup can be used on another device or browser. See Upload section.

ttaConfig is kept in “Local Storage”. Local Storage is also used to store every stock alarm sound file and custom sound file. Each of your devices and browsers will keep it’s own copy of local storage. To transfer data between two browsers or different devices use the Upload/Download linked in the previous paragraph.

To view Local Storage (from Chrome and Firefox browsers):

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Running Project Timers in a Popup Window

On large monitors, or on multiple-monitor systems, you can run Project Task Timers in a popup window. The smaller popup window can then be mostly covered up by other working windows.

When the smaller popup window sounds an alarm it will move above the other working windows.

Browser Permissions

In order to allow popup windows, go to Firefox settings:

Pippim website allow popups.png
Pippim website allow popups.png

Notice how popups are allowed for the website. This allows the popup window to gain focus when alarm sounds. If you don’t set this then popup window still runs but, it doesn’t steal focus when alarm sounds. EG it stays in the background behind other windows when the alarm sounds.

When you close a popup window the last position and size is saved. The next time you run the timer the popup window appears at the last saved location.

Each project has it’s own popup window location saved. So from two different browser tabs you can have two popup windows running simultaneously.

As of September 18, 2022 browsers have limitations on multiple monitor setups. Namely on some monitors the popup window will refuse to open at the far right or far bottom. It will be moved by the browser further left or further up accordingly. The browser companies are currently working on upgrades for better support of multiple-monitor setups.

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