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Title: 3.2gb Out Of 4.0gb 16.04
ID: /2016/09/05/3.2gb-Out-Of-4.0gb-16.04
Created: September 5, 2016    Edited:  September 5, 2016
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The same problems with your Dell Inspiron 530 have been reported with Windows users in the past and the solution was to update the BIOS.

This link 4GB Installed 2.75GB Usable describes what others encountered.

Your BIOS was released in 2009 but was updated in 2012 under version number 1.0.18.

You can download the latest BIOS from: inspiron-530/drivers. Sorry it’s the Dell Canada website, but a US website should have the same if not newer driver.

The BIOS update is an .exe file that doesn’t run under Linux. There are many tutorials on how to Flash BIOS under Linux on google searches. However in this case the link to Dell: Updating the Dell BIOS in Linux and Ubuntu Environments is probably the best one to start with.

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