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Tags: networking   ethernet   file-sharing  
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Title: Can I plug a Ubuntu Laptop into a Ubuntu Laptop?
ID: /2016/09/06/Can-I-plug-a-Ubuntu-Laptop-into-a-Ubuntu-Laptop_
Created: September 6, 2016    Edited:  October 10, 2016
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I have this special orange ethernet cable I bought a few years ago that’s supposed to have reversed wires to allow two computers to be hooked together.

I have 3 internal drives and one external USB HDD attached to my main Laptop but the picture I’m looking for might be on the older laptop. Can I plug it into the USB hub and access files off it’s 1 TB HDD?

The master laptop has Ubuntu 14.04 on one drive and Ubuntu 16.04 on another drive. The slave laptop has Ubuntu 14.04 (and Windows Vista 64-bit but I won’t say that).

What do I need to do to make a mini-network as it were with the resources at hand? Of course they both have wifi too. The simplest answer would be appreciated because I’m IP challenged and can barely spell SSID.

This is not a duplicate of β€œsharing a folder over a network”. What I want to do is plug a laptop into mine and control the HDD as if it were /dev/sdd or /dev/sde.

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