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Title: How do you set scaling for a high dpi monitor and low dpi monitor independently?
ID: /2016/09/11/How-do-you-set-scaling-for-a-high-dpi-monitor-and-low-dpi-monitor-independently_
Created: September 11, 2016    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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My monitors are only 1920x1080: a 17” laptop and a 50” TV. The smaller laptop sits four feet away and I need to increase the size of everything to see it better.

Go into System Settings -> Screen Display

On the Scale for menus and title bar, I set to 1.5 on 17” Laptop screen but leave at 1.0 for TV. I’m not sure if this will work for you…

Screen Scaling

Edit 1 - Increase overall DPI scaling

The deafult DPI in X is 96 Dots per inch. This can appear very tiny on my 17” laptop screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. You need to stick your face 6 inches from the screen to read the screen for the Kids3 application for example:

Kids3 96DPI

To solve this (in my case), use:

xrandr --dpi 168

Then reopen the application:

Kids3 168DPI

This is a manual method. You can make it permament but you can have X calculate the DPI by passing it your resolution and screen size in the Xorg configuration file:

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier             "Monitor0"
    DisplaySize             286 179    # In millimeters

I haven’t played with this yet.

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