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Title: Best directory to place my bash scripts?
ID: /2016/09/26/Best-directory-to-place-my-bash-scripts_
Created: September 26, 2016    Edited:  January 4, 2018
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I’m developing some scripts. One for the annoying speaker beep regression that popped in Ubuntu 16.04 even though pcspkr is blacklisted. Another to fix a PulseAudio 8.0 bug in Ubuntu 16.04 where sound switches off from TV to the laptop.

What is the best directory to put my bash scripts in?

I’ve searched the Q&A database but I get a bunch of different answers for a bunch of different scenarios.

/usr/local has been recommended by one person because it’s in the PATH$. Is that the right thing to do?

Thank you for your advice.

Even though I accepted below answer over a year ago, I ended up using:

After creating directory /home/me/bin you need to log out and in again for it to get into your PATH.

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