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Title: Laptop lid close doesn't suspend then the battery dies
ID: /2016/09/30/Laptop-lid-close-doesn_t-suspend-then-the-battery-dies
Created: September 30, 2016
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Looking at the link you followed to lock the screen on lid close you need to follow these steps to have a regular suspend when the lid is closed.

Set Ubuntu Power Settings

From the Launcher select the cog for System Settings. Click the icon Power and this screen appears:

Power Suspend

Look at the line When lid is closed and set the options as they appear above to Suspend.

Close the window.

Set systemd logind.conf settings

Invoke the Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T. Edit the systemd logind.conf file by typing:

gksu gedit /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Look for these two lines and change them to look like this:


You might have to change ignore or lock to read suspend. You might have to remove a leading #.

Save the file and quit gedit. After ensuring no applications (like word processor, spreadsheet, etc.) have files open type into the terminal:

sudo reboot

Voila! everything is reversed and your system will operate as you expect.

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