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Title: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in not working for me. I want to go back
ID: /2016/10/03/Ubuntu-16.04-LTS-in-not-working-for-me.-I-want-to-go-back
Created: October 3, 2016    Edited:  October 3, 2016
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In your launcher click on System Settings, then pick the Power icon. A screen like this appears:

enter image description here

If it says to suspend when inactive for 5 minutes when plugged in click the down arrow and change the value to Never.

Dell tech support may say you need a new motherboard when you really don’t. The person on the phone doesn’t actually have to do the work. That said when my Dell laptop was new in 2012 many users got new motherboards and touchpads but in the end it was a BIOS upgrade that made it purr properly when I bought it used in 2014. Good deal for me getting a $2K laptop for $400. Not so good for the seller I guess.

⇧ What does this error mean? Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915  β‡©