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Title: Run script defined in PATH location in the current shell
ID: /2016/10/09/Run-script-defined-in-PATH-location-in-the-current-shell
Created: October 9, 2016    Edited:  October 10, 2016
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Based on new information in the OP this answer has been changed.

In your script you need to push the directory you want to end up in when the script finishes:

rick@dell:/$ cat /usr/local/bin/windows
pushd /boot/grub > /dev/null

When you call the script you must but a dot and space in front of it . like this:

rick@dell:/$ . windows
fonts             grub.cfg   grubenv  locale       zapgrub.cfg
gfxblacklist.txt  grub.cfg~  i386-pc  unicode.pf2

Above is simple example of how calling . windows containing the push command works instead of calling windows containing cd command.

For your script you need to change cd "$mount_point"/Users/Justin to pushd "$mount_point"/Users/Justin and call the script with . windows instead of windows

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