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Title: What's eating all the RAM and swap?
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Created: November 3, 2016    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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Chrome can use a lot of RAM

When Chrome window has focus press Shift>+Esc to bring up process manager:

enter image description here

I’ve ententionally narrowed the Task name width to hide my gmail inbox name but you can see it is using over 400 MB of RAM. In this screen Chrome is using 1.7 GB of RAM simply surfing the net with 10 Tabs opened.

Your screen only shows the Chrome name but this screen shows each opened Tab name to track down the offender. In my case if I wanted to free up RAM I would close

The second large RAM user is Earth-Sunrise website that has a comment section. Some websites with comment sections can burn up lots of RAM, in testing over 1 GB per tab over a few hours. Simpy refreshing the Tab brings the usage back down to ~100 MB.

Display JAVA Memory Usage

The tool VisualVM will display Java memory usage and other information:

Java RAM Usage

You can download it from github: (VisualVM)

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