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Title: How do I find all system files I've edited with `gedit`?
ID: /2016/11/14/How-do-I-find-all-system-files-I_ve-edited-with-_gedit__
Created: November 14, 2016    Edited:  April 13, 2017
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At first I was going to ask the question β€œFind all files I’ve created / changed after installation?” but that is a duplicate of (Find all files on the filesystem that I have edited or created) which doesn’t have a satisfactory answer because it includes stuff downloaded and never changed plus thousands of thumbnails Nautilus has created under my user ID unbeknownst to me.

The reason for this need is I had written a nifty script to power-off a USB port on my laptop that always has power in order to win a bounty.

Now I’m very displeased that my always powered on USB port by design is powered off during suspend or shutdown. I want to track down and revert the programs those systemd configurations I setup with gedit. Having a poor memory for impromptu things I can’t remember what I changed.

How do I find all the files I’ve created or changed with gedit?

I have created a wrapper script called gsu that uses pkexec to replace gksu gedit (How can I create new "gksu" command based on pkexec?). I will change it to log all system files edited with their last date.

In the mean time someone hinted on that link all sudo commands using gedit were logged someplace. The question is where and how to succiently list them with grep or whatever?

Please note I can find this through other time-consuming means but feel this is an important question many others may have as well.

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