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Title: How can i Optimize font for my UHD Screen in Unity
ID: /2016/12/11/How-can-i-Optimize-font-for-my-UHD-Screen-in-Unity
Created: December 11, 2016    Edited:  December 11, 2016
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There are four things you can do:

Unity Tweak Tool

Install Unity Tweak Tool using:

sudo apt install unity-tweak-tool

Then open Dash using Alt+F2 and type β€œUnity”. The Unity Tweak Tool icon will appear and click on it.

From the Tweak Tool window select Fonts. This screen will appear:

Unity Tweak Tool Fonts

Adjust the scaling factor to fit your preferences.

Settings -> Screen Display

Click on the Launchers gear icon for System Settings. From the panel select Screen Display. Adjust the screen scaling for Menus and Title Bars as shown below to a factor that suits your preferences:

Screen Scaling

Adjust font size application by application

In most applications you can change the font size. For example, with scaling up some fonts may appear to large. In Chrome, Nautilus and Terminal you can set the default font to a smaller size.

Adjust DPI using xrandr

Some applications, for example Kid3 ignore High DPI scaling in Ubuntu and insist on using a tiny font. For applications such as these an xrandr command can be issued at the terminal before invoking the application:

xrandr --dpi 144

Change 144 to any number which is a multiple of 16 for best results, ie: 96, 128, 144, etc.

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