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Title: Which is faster to delete first line in file... sed or tail?
ID: /2016/12/20/Which-is-faster-to-delete-first-line-in-file/Which-is-faster-to-delete-first-line-in-file...-sed-or-tail_
Created: December 20, 2016    Edited:  April 13, 2017
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In this answer (How can I remove the first line of a file with sed?) there are two ways to delete the first record in a file:

sed '1d' $file >> headerless.txt

** ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”- OR ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”-**

tail -n +2 $file >> headerless.txt

Personally I think the tail option is cosmetically more pleasing and more readable but probably because Iā€™m sed-challenged.

Which method is fastest?

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