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Title: USB 3.0 not working in linux mint
ID: /2016/12/21/USB-3.0-not-working-in-linux-mint
Created: December 21, 2016    Edited:  July 18, 2018
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Use whatever text editor to edit the following file as root:


The editor will open showing you the contents of grub configuration file. Search for this line:


Change the line by adding iommu=soft and now the line will look like this:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash iommu=soft"

Save the file and exit text editor.

Now, type to the terminal:

sudo update-grub

Finally, reboot your PC and the recommended change takes effect. Hopefully all your USB 3 ports are working now.

Besides the recommendation you were seeking help on I would look in your BIOS and carefully examine all USB related options.

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