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Title: Questions About Kernel Upgrade and Computer Maintenance
ID: /2016/12/23/Questions-About-Kernel-Upgrade-and-Computer-Maintenance
Created: December 23, 2016
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After your first uname -r it listed 4.4.0-53 as the kernel version you last booted with.

When you did sudo apt upgrade it offered to update your disk with newer kernel 4.4.0-57 but you must select Y to upgrade it on disk. You did not say if you did this or not.

When you typed uname -r a second time it still shows 4.4.0-53 as the kernel you booted with because you haven’t rebooted yet.

Anyways… Do the upgrade and select Y and then reboot to get the newest kernel booted into RAM and virtual directories /proc, /sys, etc.

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