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Tags: bash   directory   tmp   multi-user   single-user  
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Title: Considerations for using `/tmp` directory on multi-user systems
ID: /2017/02/12/Considerations-for-using-__tmp_-directory-on-multi-user-systems
Created: February 12, 2017
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As I’ve been learning more about Ubuntu and bash programming I’ve been storing variables in /tmp. For example in-between calls to the same bash script I want to record the previous state.

On my current single user system there is no danger of conflicts in /tmp directory. However I want my code to be future-proof and wonder if I should get in the habit of using a directory called ~/tmp?

Perhaps it should be ~/.tmp and hidden. Perhaps it should be ~/temp so as not to be confused with conventional /tmp directory.

Any ideas / suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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