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Title: Searchable Clipboard Manager, like ctrl-r in bash
ID: /2017/02/14/Searchable-Clipboard-Manager_-like-ctrl-r-in-bash
Created: February 14, 2017    Edited:  April 13, 2017
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Recommendations from within Ask Ubuntu

From this (Clipboard Manager for Ubuntu 16.04) we learn from users:

From this (Ubuntu 14.04 Clipboard Manager?) we learn from users:

Recommendations outside of Ask Ubuntu

Not to be outdone by Ubuntu users this ( - 10 best clipboard managers for Linux) recommends:

There are other reviews of the same packages listed above found in ( - 6 Tools to manage Linux clipboard) and in ( - Enhance Linux clipboard with clipboard manager).


At the end of the day the package you choose is the one that you are most comfortable with. No one can say for sure which package that will be. Almost all of them offer searchable history like you want it but which one has the interface best attuned to your way of thinking?

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