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Tags: command-line   bash   bash-history  
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Title: Half of bash history is missing
ID: /2017/02/20/Half-of-bash-history-is-missing
Created: February 20, 2017    Edited:  April 13, 2017
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The other night I was reading AU Q&A and used a bash command:

inxi -????

Problem is today I don’t remember characters comprising ????. I want to put the command and parameters into my documentation spreadsheet. Based on an this answer (How to recall history in teminal) I used this command:

$ cat .bash_history | grep inxi
inxi -b
sudo apt install inxi
inxi -b

However the command I want isn’t there even though the history goes far back. I’ve used the inxi commands many times in the terminal since that old history but none of is showing up.

I’ve also tried Ctrl+R+inxi without any luck. Because I open multiple terminal windows all the time is history tied to a specific window?

Is there a different way to grep bash history file(s)?

Note that I do not prefix terminal commands with a Space Bar such that they are supressed from history.

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