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Tags: bash   date   time   epoch  
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Title: Convert today's HH:MM am/pm to epoch in Bash
ID: /2017/03/01/Convert-today_s-HH_MM-am_pm-to-epoch-in-Bash
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I have two variables $sunrise=”7:23 am” and $sunset=”6:10 pm”. I need to convert both of them to today’s epoch equivalent as in:

secSunrise=($date ... "$sunrise" ... +"%s")
secSunset=$(date ... "$sunset" ... +"%s")

The only thing I’ve figured out so far is doing it with current date-time:

$ secNow=$(date +"%s")
$ echo $secNow

How to square this circle and plug the HH:MM am/pm 12-hour formatted variable into the date command?

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