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Title: How well does Intel Graphics on Linux work vs Windows, for gaming and day-to-day use?
ID: /2017/04/16/How-well-does-Intel-Graphics-on-Linux-work-vs-Windows_-for-gaming-and-day-to-day-use_
Created: April 16, 2017
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I can’t speak to games and response time using Intel Hybrid Graphics. That’s a personal call after reducing frame rates and resolution as required.

As far as Intel Hybrid graphics in general I have a five year old Intel Core I7 3630QM with integrated HD-4000 graphics and when only using Chrome (8 tabs) and Conky CPU utilization is about 5%.

When watching videos on external HDMI TV under same scenario on laptop CPU utlization jumps to about 10-13%. HTML5 live streaming on Youtube is a percent or two more demanding than Flashplayer or watching a movie downloaded.

I have tried every few months to setup nVidia to utilize the built in GeForce GT650M card without much luck, nor much passion to do so as Intel on board GPU has been great so far.

As far as gaming goes, every few months I’ll boot Windows 8.1 and waste a few hours / days there.

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