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Title: How can the Petya Ransomware virus affect Linux users?
ID: /2017/06/28/How-can-the-Petya-Ransomware-virus-affect-Linux-users_
Created: June 28, 2017    Edited:  June 29, 2017
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Within the last 48 hours we’ve been informed of the Petya ransomware similar to the β€œWanna Cry” ransomware. Both ransomware packages encrypt your data and demand $300 to unlock your data. However in the Petya case Germany has closed down the email address to respond to so you can’t pay even if you wanted to.

Unlike β€œWanna Cry” which had a global kill-switch that was turned on within 72 hours by accident, β€œPetya” requires you to create a local file in order to stop your data getting encrypted however you are still infected and can pass the ransomware onto other systems.

I read in the story β€˜Petya’ ransomware may be smokescreen for potentially larger attack you need to create the file C:\Windows\perfc and flag it as read-only to protect your system. This would include Linux users using wine I presume. However:

Can anyone confirm Linux Wine users are potential victims and what the actual read-only file name must be?

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