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Title: Brand new desktop randomly powers off
ID: /2017/08/21/Brand-new-desktop-randomly-powers-off
Created: August 21, 2017
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Your processor is the “Apollo Lake” Intel family and may be effected by the Intel “Bay Trail” bug: System freezes completely with Intel Bay Trail.

Here is one summary of Intel CPU families starting with “Bay Trail” by an Intel employee:

Disclaimer: I work for Intel Corporation. The information I’m using to
answer this question comes from publicly-available sources.

When looking for information on Intel’s hardware products, Intel®
Product Specifications should be your first stop. Especially for
comparing features or launch/discontinuance dates, this site should
have what you’re looking for.

Bay Trail: Launched Q3 2013

Cherry Trail: Launched Q1 2016

Braswell: Launched Q1 2016

Apollo Lake: Launched Q3 2016

Based on OP comments it appears likely the Pentium J4205 suffers from the same Bay Trail bug.

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