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Title: Purple Screen of Death w/New AMD Card
ID: /2018/01/13/Purple-Screen-of-Death-w_New-AMD-Card
Created: January 13, 2018
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AMDGPU-PRO driver doesn’t support Ubuntu 17.10

From this AMD tech support website an employee named Matt says:

We don’t support Ubuntu 17 yet in the latest AMDGPU-Pro, use 16.04.03
and Kernel 4.10 and Xorg 1.19.

Install AMDGPU-PRO Linux driver under Ubuntu 16.04

From the AMD website instructions for installing under Ubuntu 16.04 are listed:

`GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash amdgpu.vm_fragment_size=9"`

Your card is verified as AMDGPU-PRO compatible

The AMDGPU-Pro Driver is compatible with the following AMD products.

AMD Product Family Compatibility

Radeon™ RX Vega Series Graphics             AMD Radeon™ Pro WX-series
Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition	            AMD FirePro™ W9100
Radeon™ RX 550/560/570/580 Series Graphics	AMD FirePro™ W8100
AMD Radeon™ RX 460/470/480 Graphics	        AMD FirePro™ W7100
AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo	                        AMD FirePro™ W5100
AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano Graphics    AMD FirePro™ W4300
AMD Radeon™ R9 380/380X/390/390X Graphics	AMD FirePro™ W4100
AMD Radeon™ R9 285/290/290X Graphics        AMD FirePro™ W2100
AMD Radeon™ R7 240/250/250X/260/260X/350    AMD FirePro™ W600
AMD Radeon™ HD7700/7800/8500/8600           AMD FirePro™ S-Series
AMD Radeon™ R9 360 Graphics                 AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 9100
AMD Radeon™ R5 340
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