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Title: what are system.journal and templates.dat
ID: /2018/03/13/what-are-system.journal-and-templates.dat
Created: March 13, 2018    Edited:  March 13, 2018
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Reducing log files to 10 MB seems overly optimistic. On my system /var/log is 194 MB:

$ sudo du -h -d1 /var/log
148K	/var/log/lightdm
8.0K	/var/log/hp
4.0K	/var/log/speech-dispatcher
4.0K	/var/log/dist-upgrade
1.7M	/var/log/installer
4.0K	/var/log/upstart
4.0K	/var/log/gdm3
160K	/var/log/apt
185M	/var/log/journal
12K     /var/log/fsck
68K     /var/log/cups
4.0K	/var/log/unattended-upgrades
194M	/var/log

The journal log file in question is 185 MB on my system and was 312 MB before I used the vacuum cleaner (function’s real name) to reduce it’s size below 200 MB.

As far as /var/log/installer/cdebconf/ goes there is no such directory on my machine. I did find a reference where 75 GB was consumed there for someone else.

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