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Tags: command-line   visual-studio-code  
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Title: Can I check if the terminal was started by Visual Studio Code?
ID: /2018/04/03/Can-I-check-if-the-terminal-was-started-by-Visual-Studio-Code_
Created: April 3, 2018
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Using this potentially duplicate answer:

rick@alien:~$ echo $$
rick@alien:~$ pstree -aps $$
systemd,1 splash fastboot kaslr
      └─lightdm,1294 --session-child 12 19
          └─upstart,1838 --user
                      └─pstree,5696 -aps 25119

The environment variable $$ returns the current running processes PID (Process ID) which is the bash terminal.

The pstree command shows the entire β€œtree” of commands called.

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