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Tags: network-manager   vpn   cron   nmcli   openconnect  
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Title: Cron job - need script to start VPN if not already running for job
ID: /2018/04/14/Cron-job-need-script-to-start-VPN-if-not-already-running-for-job
Created: April 14, 2018
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From Gnome’s nmcli website:

$ nmcli con show --active
NAME                UUID                                  TYPE             DEVICE  
TELUS1213-5G        a857583c-3f2a-4399-9fc6-3df74b0509f0  802-11-wireless  wlp60s0 
Wired connection 1  f1d049d0-ad20-3201-ac70-5cb8cc06a6e5  802-3-ethernet   enp59s0 

To test if a specific connection is active use:

nmcli con show --active <connection_name>
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