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Title: Is the GNOME Tweaks package in Software the same as installing gnome-tweak-tool?
ID: /2018/04/29/Is-the-GNOME-Tweaks-package-in-Software-the-same-as-installing-gnome-tweak-tool_
Created: April 29, 2018    Edited:  September 16, 2019
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GNOME Tweaks is the new name for GNOME Tweak Tool as stated in the accepted answer. The release notes of GNOME 3.26 (Ubuntu 17.10) states:

For a full list of tweak tools in 18.04 (Iā€™m using Unity Tweak Tool) run this command:

$ apt list | grep tweak
gajim-rostertweaks/bionic,bionic 1.0.0-3 all
gnome-tweak-tool/bionic,bionic 3.28.1-1 all
gnome-tweaks/bionic,bionic 3.28.1-1 all
mate-tweak/bionic,bionic 18.04.16-1 all
mousetweaks/bionic,bionic,now 3.12.0-4 amd64 [installed]
tweak/bionic 3.02-2 amd64
unity-tweak-tool/bionic,bionic,now 0.0.7ubuntu4 all [installed]
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