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Title: Upgrade Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS = 5 desktop environments
ID: /2018/04/29/Upgrade-Ubuntu-16.04-LTS-to-18.04-LTS-_-5-desktop-environments
Created: April 29, 2018
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I’m testing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Unity to 18.04 LTS upgrade. After rebooting The first thing I notice is five different desktop environments available at sign in:

Ubuntu 18.04 Five Desktops.jpg

Can anyone explain what option 1 “GNOME” and option 3 “Ubuntu” are supposed to be using for Desktop Environment (DE)?

As I’m running the test in an easily duplicated environment: Bash script to clone Ubuntu to new partition for testing 18.04 LTS upgrade, is there something I can do before conversion rather than fixing after conversion? If so I can modify the cloning script to possibly speed up conversion and one less thing to do after conversion.

I would first click the gear to select the Desktop environment and then enter my password. Then the software says “Invalid Password”. I retype my password and click the gear icon again to discover my first choice has reset to the default and I have to select my first choice again. The second time I enter my password it is accepted. This happens on all options I tried except for “Unity” which accepted my password the first time.

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