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Title: Can I safely resize Windows 10 system partition from Ubuntu?
ID: /2018/05/01/Can-I-safely-resize-Windows-10-system-partition-from-Ubuntu_
Created: May 1, 2018    Edited:  May 1, 2018
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The safest way is to use Windows 10 to shrink it’s own partition.

Windows 10 knows more about the last used area of the disk partition. Ubuntu / gparted cannot shrink the partition reliably as Windows 10 can.

For example last weekend I wanted to clone 16.04 and do a test run upgrade to 18.04. My Windows partition was 411 GB with only 100 GB used. Windows 10 would only shrink by a maximum of 25 GB because it saw used files near the end of the partition. If any more was needed Windows 10 would have to defragment the disk.

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