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Title: Can I report about bug in system that I don't use?
ID: /2018/05/12/Can-I-report-about-bug-in-system-that-I-don_t-use_
Created: May 12, 2018    Edited:  May 12, 2018
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If you report a bug on a different system no one can answer with what you can do to fix the bug because you can’t implement their solutions. Neither can you answer questions about contents of specific configuration files or programs installed since you no longer have them.

You could find similar bugs and post a comment there saying β€œThis happened to me once before but I can’t reproduce it now”.

You need to report the bug as it happens and will be asked to submit system information at the same time. As such you can’t report a bug for an old system you were running because your current logs won’t be compatible. Refer to for examples of bug reports.

Some bugs are automatically reported as they happen in Ubuntu when a crash happens. You don’t have to do anything special but you won’t know what is being done to fix it.

Some automatic bug reports will be ignored if you are running a mainline kernel such as 4.14.34 which although released by Ubuntu isn’t supported by Ubuntu.

NOTE: This is for reporting bugs about Ubuntu in Other developers can have different rules.

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