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Title: Wireless keyboard not working with Ubuntu 18.04 Live USB
ID: /2018/05/30/Wireless-keyboard-not-working-with-Ubuntu-18.04-Live-USB
Created: May 30, 2018    Edited:  January 2, 2022
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Update January 2, 2022

This bug has been fixed according to the bug report: Lenovo Essential Wireless Keyboard doesnโ€™t works (Primax Electronics manufacturer) #36 which states:

Julian Alarcon (julian-alarcon) wrote on 2019-09-19: #36

This is finally fixed! I test it in Ubuntu 18.04 kernel: 4.15.0-64, Ubuntu 18.04.3 kernel: 5.0.0-29.

The keyboard and mouse seems to work fine with no issues! I had to disable a workaround used to make it work!

Original post

The original post is shown below for historical purposes.

Extensive history to this problem

You are not alone. Someone in Ubuntu forums has reported:

Re: Lenovo Essential Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo doesnโ€™t work

I just reported this bug:
Lenovo Essential Wireless Keyboard doesnโ€™t works (Primax Electronics manufacturer)

The bug is still present in the latest Ubuntu version (18.04 bionic beaver) with stable kernel.

Itโ€™s also reported by people from Linux Mint, Fedora and others.

Possible workarounds

Although the bug has been confirmed by the Ubuntu Team, no one has been assigned to fixing it yet. In the meantime there are two workarounds:

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