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Title: How can I change the keybindings in Nautilus?
ID: /2018/06/03/How-can-I-change-the-keybindings-in-Nautilus_
Created: June 3, 2018    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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Old Bug

This is an old bug appearing in many bug reports. This bug report is from 2009.

FireFox and Windows both support Control+Tab for switching tabs. On many laptops Page Up might be hard to reach or poorly labeled. Even on most desktop keyboards Control+Page Up is impossible to perform with the left hand.

For one-handed shortcuts you can use Alt+1 for the first tab, Alt+2 for the second tab, etc.

Gnome’s design is for Control+Tab is used for switching panes within windows. For example from the main pane to the left side pane.

Suggested gsettings hack that doesn’t seem to work

A β€œhack” in this bug report illustrates these two gsettings you can view before changing:

$ gsettings get org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Keybindings:/org/gnome/terminal/legacy/keybindings/ next-tab
$ gsettings get org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Keybindings:/org/gnome/terminal/legacy/keybindings/ prev-tab

Then to change them use:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Keybindings:/org/gnome/terminal/legacy/keybindings/next-tab '<Primary>Tab'
$ gsettings set org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Keybindings:/org/gnome/terminal/legacy/keybindings/prev-tab '<Primary><Shift>Tab'

This successfully changes behavior switching between gnome-terminal tabs but has no effect in Nautilus or even YAD.

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