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Title: Differences between /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin
ID: /2018/06/11/Differences-between-_bin_-_sbin_-_usr_bin_-_usr_sbin_-_usr_local_bin_-_usr_local_sbin
Created: June 11, 2018    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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I had a similar question myself a year+ ago: Best directory to place my bash scripts?

System directories for binaries

man hier (hierarchy) lists all the directories. To get the ones just for binaries use:

$ man hier | grep -E 'bin$|sbin$|^.{7}(/bin)|^.{7}(/sbin)' -A2

       /bin   This directory contains executable programs which are needed in single user
              mode and to bring the system up or repair it.

       /sbin  Like  /bin,  this  directory  holds commands needed to boot the system, but
              which are usually not executed by normal users.

              Binaries  which  belong  to the X-Window system; often, there is a symbolic
              link from the more traditional /usr/bin/X11 to here.
              This  is the primary directory for executable programs.  Most programs exe‐
              cuted by normal users which are not needed for booting or for repairing the
              Binaries for programs local to the site.

              Locally installed programs for system administration.

              This directory contains program binaries for  system  administration  which
              are  not  essential  for the boot process, for mounting /usr, or for system

Where to put your own scripts?

For all users to access your scripts you can put them in /usr/local/bin. Keep in mind you need sudo access to add / change files here. See: Is there a standard place for placing custom Linux scripts?

For your own user ID scripts put them in /home/YOUR_NAME/bin. Keep in mind you have to create this directory first and relaunch the terminal to get the path automatically setup by ~/.profile. See: How to add /home/username/bin to $PATH?

What I know I don’t know

I’m contemplating taking some of my more complex bash scripts in Ask Ubuntu and setting them up with install scripts on github. Here are few examples:

I think the scripts should be installed in /usr/bin which is in the $PATH, but I’m not sure on the appropriate place yet.

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