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Title: change min and max cpu frequency
ID: /2018/07/19/change-min-and-max-cpu-frequency
Created: July 19, 2018    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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Edit May 13, 2019 - simple bash GUI script

I wrote this simple bash GUI script to change minimum and maximum frequencies:


Original Answer

Discover your Min/Max/Current Frequencies

To discover your frequencies copy and paste this command into your terminal (without the $ or # prompts):

$ sudo -i
# paste <(cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/cpuinfo_min_freq) <(cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq) <(cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq) | column -s $'\t' -t
800000  900757  3500000
800000  921781  3500000
800000  857695  3500000
800000  904921  3500000
800000  816664  3500000
800000  845203  3500000
800000  892835  3500000
800000  844187  3500000
# exit

The minimum frequency, current frequency and maximum frequency is listed for each CPU. In my case it is 8 CPUs, in your case it will be 4 CPUs (dual core x 2 threads per core).

Values are listed in MHz with three decimals. So CPU 0 showing:

800000  900757  3500000

How to reset Max Frequency

To change the maximum frequency lower (you can’t change it higher) use this command to change it from 2200 Mhz to 1700 Mhz:

for x in /sys/devices/system/cpu/*/cpufreq/; do echo 1700000 | sudo tee $x/scaling_max_freq; done
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