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Title: Moving entire Linux installation to another drive
ID: /2018/08/09/Moving-entire-Linux-installation-to-another-drive
Created: August 9, 2018
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Unlike the other answers this allows you to clone the Linux installation and have it added to Grub menu with your current installations intact. Additionally it automatically modifies /etc/fstab for you and updates grub boot menu.

A menu is provided to help you select the correct partition to clone to. The clone from partition is your current booted partition.

rsync is used for optimal speed should you choose to reclone the partition. This is beneficial if upgrade fails, you wait for bug fix and want to run upgrade again. Similarly you may have chosen wrong options during upgrade and want to do it again.

The full script can be found here: Backup/clone live to a new partition which can be booted5 and this is what the screen looks like:


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