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Title: Can't get bootable usb to show up in bios
ID: /2018/08/12/Can_t-get-bootable-usb-to-show-up-in-bios
Created: August 12, 2018
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According to: New XPS 13 (9370) USB Port question

Your laptop will only boot a live USB plugged into the right hand port.

The ports on the left support Thunderbolt 3; the port on the right
does not. As a result, the left-hand ports may be disabled at boot
time unless you enable Thunderbolt boot support in the BIOS. I would
have thought that option would only affect devices that actually try
to communicate over the Thunderbolt protocol, but recent threads have
indicated that this option also affects whether regular USB-type
devices connected to those ports are visible at boot time.

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