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Title: What is the smallest file size Ubuntu VirtualBox image with a GUI?
ID: /2018/08/24/What-is-the-smallest-file-size-Ubuntu-VirtualBox-image-with-a-GUI_
Created: August 24, 2018
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Lubuntu 16.04 is probably best and needs 4 GB minimum

I asked a similar for the smallest footprint / fastest flavour of Ubuntu here: Is one distribution better for Virtualbox 5.1 inside Ubuntu 16.04?4 and the answer was Lubuntu.

I created my Lubuntu 16.04 Virtual Image at 7 GB:

Lubuntu allocated.png

With nothing of significance installed other than the base packages it’s showing 3.9 GB used and 3.5 GB available:

Lubuntu used

So I would say the minimum you could get away with is 4 GB using Lubuntu 16.04.

That said, my Ubuntu Unity 16.04.5 LTS installation with reams of applications installed and 3 kernel chains only takes up 9.8 GB. Next time around I’ll probably just go with this version and forgo the extra effort of learning new interfaces and applications such as File Manager and File Editor.

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