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Title: Getting the checksum of a file through vsFTPd
ID: /2018/10/15/Getting-the-checksum-of-a-file-through-vsFTPd
Created: October 15, 2018
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On your server have a cron job that runs daily in /etc/cron.daily. No special crontab magic needs to be done. Simply but an executable script there.

Here is one I have handy already for calculating hash sums on files:


    md5sum \ \ \ \ \ \ \
        start-eyesome \
        daily-eyesome-sun \
        systemd-wake-eyesome \ \
        acpi-lid-event-eyesome \ \
        > eyesome.md5

So you would download the file eyesome.md5 to your remote machine.

$ cat eyesome.md5
712eff1f4ec14fbf04521674c32aa5b8  start-eyesome
0cdc4dbb0a383cd97f1e6d0744a6f8e4  daily-eyesome-sun
5a2abb831f31a7339270868ddd37f745  systemd-wake-eyesome
8ce2412bdb1bab4bca6e4921f9ae282b  acpi-lid-event-eyesome

Note: If your file names are prefixed with a path you may have to change it from the server’s path to your local path with sed, grep or another utility.

Then run:

$ md5sum -c eyesome.md5 OK OK OK FAILED OK FAILED
start-eyesome: OK
daily-eyesome-sun: OK
systemd-wake-eyesome: OK OK
acpi-lid-event-eyesome: OK OK
md5sum: WARNING: 2 computed checksums did NOT match

The files that fail ( and you need to download.

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