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Title: How can one copy the entire contents of a Linux Terminal / "man" pages to a a text editor (gedit in this instance)?
ID: /2018/11/14/How-can-one-copy-the-entire-contents-of-a-Linux-Terminal-_-_man_-pages-to-a-a-text-editor-_gedit-in-this-instance__
Created: November 14, 2018    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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If you want many pages but not all

You can right click at the bottom of the terminal window and drag your mouse up to the window title bar.

The text will scroll as it is highlighted. After appropriate number of pages are highlighted, press the mouse’s right button. A context sensitive menu appears where you can select copy.

Move cursor to your editor and right-click again. Now select paste.

⇧ I'm looking for a command to flash screens (if possible in colors) command 'go' not found  â‡©