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Title: Alternative to Dragon NaturallySpeaking?
ID: /2018/12/23/Alternative-to-Dragon-NaturallySpeaking_
Created: December 23, 2018    Edited:  April 9, 2022
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For an updated answer, here is an article from March 2018: Best Free Linux Speech Recognition Tools – Open Source Software.

This article highlights the best open source speech recognition
software for Linux. Note, some of the software is in an early state of
development, and is therefore not ready for widespread adoption.

Before examining our recommendations, Jasper is worthy of a special
mention. It’s an excellent open source platform for developing
always-on, voice-controlled applications. You may be wondering why HTK
doesn’t appear below. For sure, HTK is a popular speech recognition
toolkit. But HTK is not eligible to feature in the recommended
solutions. Not because it’s copyright is owned by Microsoft, but
simply because it’s proprietary software.

Let’s explore the 6 free speech recognition tools at hand. For each
title we have compiled its own portal page with a full description and
an in-depth analysis of its features.

Open Source Speech Recognition Tools

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