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Tags: command-line   18.04   ls  
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Title: Filenames with space showing as 'file name' after upgrade to 18.04
ID: /2018/12/31/Filenames-with-space-showing-as-_file-name_-after-upgrade-to-18.04
Created: December 31, 2018    Edited:  December 31, 2018
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This ls behavior change was from 2016 but is finally making it’s way into Ubuntu.

To get back the old behavior use ls -N.

Optionally you can use an environmental variable:

QUOTING_STYLE=literal ls

Make it an alias, or set export QUOTING_STYLE=literal in your ~/.bashrc to achieve the old behavior.

You can read the link above for more details including the history of when, where, why and how this all came to be. There are quite a few comments under the author of ls changes where he justifies the new behavior:

A few points about the change.

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