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Title: Is there any shortcut for parent folder in console?
ID: /2019/04/22/Is-there-any-shortcut-for-parent-folder-in-console_
Created: April 22, 2019    Edited:  April 22, 2019
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Create this file /home/$USER/.inputrc with the following:

# ~/.inputrc - complements /etc/inputrc - global inputrc for libreadline
# April 15, 2019
# See readline(3readline) and `info rluserman' for more information.

$include /etc/inputrc

# Insert key to togged overwrite-mode
"\e[2~": overwrite-mode

# April 22, 2019 AU Q&A:
# Make Shift-tab act like "cd ../" (move to parent directory)
"\e[Z": "cd ../"

Save the file and open a new terminal.

Now you can use Shift+Tab to send cd ../ to the terminal.

Also included in the settings you can press Insert key to toggle between character overwrite (replace) mode and insert mode.

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