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Tags: dual-boot   partitioning   ntfs  
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Title: Is it recommended to store files on NTFS partition?
ID: /2019/05/06/Is-it-recommended-to-store-files-on-NTFS-partition_
Created: May 6, 2019
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Sometimes an NTFS partition is the only way of sharing files between Windows and Linux. For example bash scripts that I run in Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 and Windows 10 WSL are stored in in an NTFS partition mounted in Ubuntu as /mnt/e/bin/. On the Windows side the NTFS partition it is accessed as drive E:\

I have run into anomalies where I have to create the bash script on the Ubuntu site first to get proper editing permissions from the Windows 10 WSL side. This could be my system setup fault though and I honestly haven’t cared enough to research it that deeply.

Ubuntu running under Windows 10 WSL does recognize and can change Linux file permissions properly but cannot access ext4 partitions, only NTFS partitions.

There is a Windows add-on to read/write ext4 partitions but there are/were data corruption problems in 64-bit mode. As such I stopped using this Windows 10 add-on.

Ubuntu seems to have no problems updating Windows NTFS partitions for changing the Linux file permissions. As far as changing Windows file permissions it is rather complicated and I’ll leave that up to you to research.

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