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Title: Why is this python script running in background consuming 100 % CPU?
ID: /2019/05/18/Why-is-this-python-script-running-in-background-consuming-100-_-CPU_
Created: May 18, 2019
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I was intrigued by this project so wrote a bash script for those more comfortable in that environment:


xclip -o -sel clip > /tmp/LastClip

while true ; do 

    xclip -o -sel clip > /tmp/NewClip
    diff -q /tmp/LastClip /tmp/NewClip > /tmp/DiffClip
    if [[ -s /tmp/DiffClip ]] ; then
        cat /tmp/NewClip    # For testing dump to screen instead of printing
        cp -a /tmp/NewClip /tmp/LastClip
    sleep 1.0

It does require Xorg’s xclip package:

sudo apt install xclip

It’s dumping clipboard contents to screen using cat command. If you want hard copy instead replace cat with lp and specify your printer name, orientation and possibly β€œfit to page” option.

You will see a bit of lag to screen because I choose sleep 1.0 which would be unnoticeable with a printer and still faster than people can highlight text and use Ctrl+C.

If you copy the exact same highlighted text to the clipboard it doesn’t trigger a difference. One letter more or less will trigger a response.

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