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Title: Why is my start-up is ultra slow?
ID: /2019/06/17/Why-is-my-start-up-is-ultra-slow_
Created: June 17, 2019    Edited:  June 17, 2019
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Part of the solution can be found here: Ubuntu 16.04 slow boot (apt-daily.service)

The accepted answer says:

This is Debian bug #844453. apt-daily.service shouldn’t be run during boot, but only some time afterward.

As a workaround, do sudo systemctl edit apt-daily.timer and paste the following text into the editor window:

# apt-daily timer configuration override

This changes the β€œtimer” that triggers apt-daily.service to run at a random time between 15 min and 45 min after boot, and once a day thereafter. See the systemd.timer manpage for additional (not very well written, alas) explanation of what this means.

The second part of the solution can be found here:

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