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Tags: command-line   syntax   ksh  
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Title: Why is a blank required between "[[" and "-e xxx" in ksh?
ID: /2019/06/24/Why-is-a-blank-required-between-____-and-_-e-xxx_-in-ksh_
Created: June 24, 2019    Edited:  June 24, 2019
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The space is a deliminator and is required. As you can see from shellcheck:

$ shellcheck

In line 847:
        [[$Today != "${DaysArr[ i + DAY_DELETED_ON_NDX ]}" ]] && continue
          ^-- SC1035: You need a space after the [[ and before the ]].

(Both ksh and bash support [[ and don’t work without the space. Shellcheck gives exactly that output with similar ksh and bash scripts containing that buggy line.)

Why deliminators are needed has to do with tokens and lexicons.

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