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Title: Log-in screen background (on Ubuntu 18.04) is not changing though I made necessary changes in necessary files
ID: /2019/07/01/Log-in-screen-background-_on-Ubuntu-18.04_-is-not-changing-though-I-made-necessary-changes-in-necessary-files
Created: July 1, 2019
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The technique you followed has worked for most people:

However it didn’t work for everyone and there is a lesser known technique in the same thread where they simply copy over the pre-packaged image filename with a new image:

I tried all of those and none worked. This does, for sure:

As root user, just copy your_image.png to /usr/share/backgrounds and

# cd /usr/share/backgrounds  
# cp warty-final-ubuntu.png warty-final-ubuntu.png.stock  
# rm warty-final-ubuntu.png  
# ln -s your_image.png warty-final-ubuntu.png  
# reboot  

…where your_image.png is the name of the actual image you want to
display. The warty one is big: 4096 x 2304. I matched mine to the same

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