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Title: How to enable: Switch back to running GUI from TTY in 18.04
ID: /2019/07/11/How-to-enable_-Switch-back-to-running-GUI-from-TTY-in-18.04
Created: July 11, 2019    Edited:  July 12, 2019
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The part you are look for is at the bottom from: Switch to Console in Ubuntu 18.04 - How to Leave GUI?

In Ubuntu 18.04, they have changed things around and you cannot get to
tty1, it is always showing the display manager / login screen. If you
log in, you then cannot get to tty2 because it becomes the GUI for the
first logged in user. The tradition of both GUIs showing on tty7 has

You can get to tty3 by pressing
Ctrl+Alt+F3, tty4 by pressing
Ctrl+Alt+F4, tty5 by pressing
Ctrl+Alt+F5 and tty6 by pressing

You can then switch between tty3-6 by pressing Alt with the
appropriate F-key.

Finally, you can get back to the GUI with Alt+F1 for the login chooser or
Alt+F2 for the logged-in user’s desktop.

To make a long story short use: Alt+F2

If the function keys don’t work you can try these instructions.

In summary you can type:

sudo chvt 2

to switch to TTY2.

There is a lot more you can do with commands to bypass the function keys. Please read the link.

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