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Tags: partitioning   upgrade   do-release-upgrade  
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Title: How (else) can I clear space on `/boot` so `do-release-upgrade` will work?
ID: /2019/07/23/How-_else_-can-I-clear-space-on-__boot_-so-_do-release-upgrade_-will-work_
Created: July 23, 2019    Edited:  July 24, 2019
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The simplest way, when you aren’t booting with EFI, is to move /boot to / where you have tons of free space.

From: Arch Linux How to move /boot to /

Boot from a live distro, mount the partition containing / to
/mnt/main the partition containing /boot to /mnt/boot then copy
/mnt/boot to /mnt/main.

Then remove the β€œ/boot” entry from your /etc/fstab, (arch-)chroot
into Arch & reinstall GRUB.

Rather than removing /boot entry though I would comment it out with #.

Rather than chroot and reinstall GRUB, I would use boot-repair.

If you do not have physical access to your server, have a look here

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